Our Programs

Our successful media-based programming improves academic performance for underserved kids ages 3-17 by inspiring creativity and connection through signature strategies alongside full-time staff, industry mentors, year-round support and provides the opportunity to form long-term relationships with students. 

Afterschool & Summer Programs

Our Youth TUBEr kids develop their storytelling style and build social-emotional learning skills like public speaking, active listening, and improved eye contact. In our Movie Magic program, kids actively engage in all aspects of moviemaking, learning film techniques, production roles and on-camera acting. The Broadcast News Program allows kids to build and develop their own media stories.

Mentorship Programs

Our Saturday Morning Live program encourages positive social skills such as honesty, friendship, leadership, and giving back to the community, allowing children to incorporate their topics and stories into curriculum and academic programs at school. Our Kid Actor Bootcamp Program provides children with experiences and guidance for young actors and their families. 

Preschool Programs

Little Stars! is specifically designed for children ages 3-5 years old focusing on activities that spark creativity, boost social-emotional learning skills and fostering collaboration in a safe, and fun environment.


Our mission

The mission of Talk to the Camera Community is to build long-term, life-changing relationships, improve social emotional well-being, academic performance, and self-esteem through the lens of a camera by providing award-winning STEAM educational programs, creative mentorships, and coaching in media arts production.

Key Staff